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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> pam: a suspicious brush fire too close for comfort in san rafael. after a summer of wild infernos which have already burned through thousands of acres in northern california. the intense fire close to homes and a mall. and may have been deliberately set. kron-4's jeff bush is at the scene with details. jeff?? >> jeff:this was the scenethe hillside on fire and an office building at the topthreatened by the flames moving quickly to the
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topfirefighters went to putting it out quickly but more manpower was neededa second alarm was called to fight the firetime was of the essence. >>: we had a number of fire engines here from all over marin countyincluding a full wildland fire response that brings in specialized units to assist. >> jeff:you can see in this video provided by our aerial partners at abc 7 that firefighters were hard at work getting the fire under control. after about 30 minutes the fire was under controlbut, witnesses say they saw a group of young people running away from the fire when it first startedfire officials say they may be responsible for setting the fire. >> reporter: >>: there were several juveniles who were seen right in the area where the fire started and were running from the area. that information was given to the police department immediately. they canvassed the area but weren't able to locate any suspects but, based on where the fire started and the time of
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day it definatly is suspicious but it could have been accidentally set by juveniles. >> jeff:if you have any information about this fire the police would like you to give them a call. i'm jeff bush, live in san rafael, kron four news. >> pam: on the other huge wildfires in northern california. crews are making progress fighting the jerusalem fire in lake and napa counties. that blaze has charred more than 24-thousand acres since sunday when it began. it is now 52- percent contained. >> pam: and we now know, that auto exhaust sparked the wildfire near lake berryessa. cal-fire officials say, hot exhaust ignited dry grass which burned across 8-thousand acres before it was completely contained. these images come from our helicopter partnership with abc- 7. the vehicle involved was also destroyed. officials caution. pulling your vehicle over dry grass can easily cause a wildfire. in
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these current drought conditions. >> pam: the other big story a case of murder involving c-h-p officers, and a prominent attorney. ten people. including three current and one former california highway patrol officer. were arrested today in the disappearance and killing of a central valley man. korey kaufman was reported missing in 2012. and found dead the following summer by hunters near yosemite national park. the alleged mastermind, say investigators, is prominent modesto attorney frank carson. authiorities say carson believed the 26-year old kaufman was stealing valuable antiques from carson's property. a former chp officer. walter wells. is charged with carrying out the killing. and the three current c-h-p officers are facing charges of covering up the murder and misleanding investigators. >> pam: in yosemite tonight. an
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air of caution and great sadness, after two children where killed when a heavy tree limb fell on their tent. >>: it makes me sad for the family and the situation. >> pam: the children died at the very popular, copper pine campgrounds, which are now closed until furthur notice. kron 4's kate cagle traveled to yosemite today, and has our report on the tragic accident. >> reporter: the old she limb fell on the tent today. it's one of the most popular sites here. it's not far from yosemite village. when authorities arrived the children were already dead. other campers say
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he was not even when the wind had been. following a tree limbs is not on a common here. >> pam: contra costa sheriff's confirm the death of a dedicated deputy. deputy carlos francies was kayaking thursday in south lake tahoe, when he saw a friend who he thought was struggling in the water. when he jumped into the water to help his friend. his body went into shock and he died. fellow officers spoke fondly of him today. >> reporter: he sacrificed his life trying to save another. he will be messed. >> pam: flags were at half
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staff. and black mourning bands covered badges at the contra costa county courthouse today, where francies was assigned to work. >> pam: the city of san jose is reporting a tentative contract agreement with its police force. the tentative pack, which still has to be approved by rank- and- file. includes an eight- percent pay increase. a five- percent retention bonus. and major provisions to improve community policing. those include keeping san jose police assigned to certain neighborhoods for up to a year. and bonuses to attract bi- lingual officers. >> pam: san francisco will have some new officers manning the streets next week. the police department graduated it's 244th recruit class tonight. two of the recruits. 26-year old twin brothers, who have become leaders in their class. kron 4's jeff bush talked with the new officer's tonight. >> reporter: he does know where you're going to. >> reporter: so you guys might
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end up running into each other in the streets. >>: yes when commonwealth-yes we probably will. >> pam: >> pam: it is officially time to get fired up about football! tonight -- the oakland raiders opened their pre-season. with an 18- to -3 win. over the visiting saint louis rams. kron four's philippe djegal was there and reports. the raider nation has high hopes for this upcoming season, despite their owner's attempts to move the >> reporter: football is back and raiders fans are optimistic about this season. the raider nation hopeful their team will finally buck the trend and make it into the playoffs. the stands packed for the preseason opener against the saint louis rams, and, fans of the silver and black, excited about what they saw from new head coach jack del rio's improved squad. >>: we're going to the super
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bowl in we're going to have fun. >> reporter: this week, though, raiders' owner mark davis met with all of the nfl's other owners, making a strong pitch to move the team back down to southern california. something die-hard raiders' fans don't want to see. >>: i've been here since they came to oakland. we had this terrible losing season. and now they're going to leave that's very disappointing. >> reporter: the raiders' lease here at the the season so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. their sights set on making the post-season. we'll see -- there's a long way to go. in oakland, philippe djegal, kron four news.
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>> pam: coming up. a new way to sidestep drought restrictions. and have a green lawn afterall. some people get in a scuffle. over todays historic developments in the relationship between the u.s. and cuba. also. taylor swift fans go wild at levi stadium tonight. ♪ turnaround. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit hungry ♪ ♪ and there's nothing really good around. ♪ ♪ turnaround. ♪ every now and then i get a little bit tired ♪
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>> pam: pop star taylor swift took the stage at santa clara's levi's stadium tonight for the first of two shows.
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cal -train and v-t-a offered extra transportation. to and from levi stadium tonight. as heavy traffic was expected for the concert. fans were very excited. and expecting a great show. >> pam: although levi's stadium is only in its second year of use. there have been issues with the turf since it opened last season. especially as it affects football. >> pam: coming up. a fire station that has been sitting empty, and we'll tell you why neighbors are upset. also. a decision made today on the future of a convicted sexual predator. living in an east bay neighborhood. and later in sports. the raiders take their first pre- season victory. grant will have all the details. >> reporter: we have your whether, now
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(vo) you can pass down a subaru forester. (dad) she's all yours. (vo) but you get to keep the memories. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> reporter: here victory for add committee the what is sexual predator is kicked out of the neighborhood. he was sent back to the hospital for violating his release. they argued that in 2003 and 2005 argued that he the gay evaluated. he was locked up in
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hospital all those years. >> reporter: fire fighters have a new tool to search for wildfires. cameras up and added it to a peak. it's sends an alert when something is caught burning. >>: it will give us an accord mince in pinpoint a fire. >> reporter: once the water was cut a lot of homeowners have a
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green again thing. homeowners are paying keenan other guards agreed. this parade last about three monthsw. >> pam: the cold war between communism and democracy. melted away today in the havana sunshine. u.s soldiers raised the american flag at a new embassy in cuba. the two countries. only 90 - miles apart.are restoring diplomatic relations for the first time in more than half a century.
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but not everyone is pleased. in miami. the pro- castro and anti-castro cubans clashed. cubans who fled to miami when fidel castro took power. waved signs that said. - "obama coward. shame on you." relations. actually started in july, when cuban diplomats inaugurated their embassy in washington d.c.. >> brian: it's going to be a hot weekend for the bay area. a weather system that's been making for relatively mild weather this week is finally going to push off to the east this weekend. behind it, offshore winds will develop and we will get very little to no cooling from the sea breeze. expect afternoon highs saturday and sunday to get up over 100 degrees in the east bay valleys.
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the south bay will be up into the 90s with 80s near the bay. things will gradually cool down into next week, but highs are expected to remain above normal through wednesday. >> pam: tomorrow is the 7th annual san francisco street food festival. more than one- hundred owner - operated food businesses. will be representing the 'best of the bay' at pier - 70. on 22nd street. while enjoying great food, you can listen to live music from "talk in tongues," kendra mckinley and many more.
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there will also be a beer garden. and live cooking demonstrations from local star chefs. the festival starts at eleven in the morning. and ends at six. >> pam: coming up we will have your sports. and your highlights next let's mobile. same plan. new phone.
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walk-off home run final: 8-6 orioles game two of this series tomorrow round two of the p-g-a championship. at the whistling straights in wisconsin and it's a winding oneweather would play a factor later in the day 18th hole jordan spiethwith this beauty of a bunker shot chips in for birdie to go three under spieth would finish at six under.tied for seventh
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8th hole tiger woodsstarted tied for 87th and wouldn't help him-self here. going from the rough to the bunker. woods would bogey to fall to miss the cut 7th hole john daly also having a rough day sending three consecutive tee shots into lake michigan his fourth attempt lands on the fairway but daly says bye-bye to his club.tosses it into the water a fan on a boatwould later retrieve the club nice souvenir daly finishes ten over.and unlikely to make the cut 13th hole jason day.though.sitting pretty knocking in this 20-foot birdie putt thru 14day at nine under. he shares the lead withmatt
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jones. play would be suspended until tomorrow.due to severe winds on the course when you're the reigning league m-v-p and a n-b-a championyou steph curry was spotted golfing with president barack obama today at the farm neck golf club in oak bluffsmassachusetts
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♪ sleep train your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ the dentist who slaughtered cecil the lion, just revealed photos, the bear he illegally killed in america. >> completely lied about the killing of this bear. and then the cop on trial for shooting an unarmed college football star. >> get on the ground! >> his courtroom rennethment. >> get on the ground! get on the ground! >> and -- >> how are you feeling? >> gossip girl actress kelly rutherford breaks her silence. >> i'm just trying to process everything. then, the viral video sweeping the internet. with their parents' permission, he lured teenage girls from their homes by


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